Perfect for travel and visiting friends, the Totseat chair harness attaches to an adult chair to envelop a baby in safety and comfort. It adapts to securely fit chairs, and babies, of all shapes and sizes, is pocket-sized and machine washable. Developed with safety experts.

Q. What IS a Totseat? And what's it for?
The Totseat is a fabric chair harness. It's pocket-sized and designed to safely anchor your little one in an adult chair in the absence of a highchair. This means you don't have to bounce your baby on your knee while you eat, or, worse still, keep them in the buggy while you have lunch. Using the Totseat to securely envelope them in the chair, your little one is able to join the party. It was designed with safety experts and has been thoroughly tested - and we mean thoroughly - so you can use it with confidence, coupled with common-sense.

Q. What age of child is the Totseat suitable for?
Totseat is suitable for children of between eight and thirty months old. The child must be able to sit unaided before using the Totseat.

Q. Does the Totseat fit every chair?
Totseat will fit most chairs with a back height of between 25 cm and 75 cm, and a width of less than 53 cm. It adapts to fit chairs of varying heights, includes al fresco fasteners for rounded, metal-framed chairs, and also comes with a super-secure wide strap to create a back support on open-backed chairs.

Q. Is the Totseat machine washable?
Absolutely. Totseat is machine washable at 40 degrees C and can be tumble-dried too.

Q. What fabric is the Totseat made from?
Printed Totseats are made from a gorgeous, comfortable, double-ply and durable mix of 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Our Denim Totseats are 100% cotton, in single-ply.

Q. How big is a Totseat?
When packed in its bag, a Totseat squashes to about 18 cm tall x 12 cm wide x 4 cm deep, making it about the size of a pair of ski gloves and easy to fit into a baby bag or handbag. One Totseat weighs about 360 g. The denim Totseats are slightly heavier (380 g).

Q. How long will a Totseat last?
The Totseat comes with a lifetime guarantee so it will be useful for many years. When it is no longer useful to you, please feel free to pass it to a friend. On the rare occasions when a Totseat is found to be faulty, we will replace it instantly and free of charge. If you are posting a Totseat to us, please ensure you get a Proof of Posting from the Post Office. We regret we are unable to process claims for packages which do not have a Proof of Posting.

Q. How on earth did the Totseat come about?
Mothers have been cocooning their babies in chairs for generations, using all sorts of contraptions from tea-towels, to scarves and jumpers. Totseat is the result of a particularly difficult experience with just one of these! The first Totseat was made from Rachel’s wedding dress, but now it’s made from a strong and comfortable cotton mix, which is infinitely more robust (and rather more fashionable) than the first version.

Where can I use my Totseat?

Q. Can I use my Totseat in a car?
No, absolutely not. Totseat is not suitable for use in a car. Totseat is designed for use on static chairs.

Q. Will my Totseat fit a shopping trolley?
Yes it will, but it has not been designed with shopping trolleys in mind. Totseat is designed for use on static chairs.

Q. Can I use my Totseat on a bus, or on a train?
Totseat is not designed for use on a bus or a train. Totseat is designed for use on static chairs.

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